Dr. Nikki has a Master's in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard, where she learned about how toxins get into our environment and bodies that lead to chronic illnesses, fatigue, and cancer. Her personal struggle with Type 1 Diabetes, then led her to complete a PhD in Holistic Health and Nutrition from the University of Natural Health, where she became a Holistic Health Practitioner and learned how to heal the body naturally. 


As she adjusted her diet and mental state, Dr. Nikki experienced a surge in energy and peace of mind. She felt compelled to share her knowledge. So she founded Aspen Talks Health while living in Aspen, Colorado. She blends her knowledge with that of the expert guests from a variety of health fields to create a holistic approach to healing. She strongly believes the mind plays a significant role in physical health. Releasing stored emotions from childhood (and the limiting beliefs they create) is an essential component to living a happy fulfilled life. 

Dr. Nikki Talks Health  began as Aspen Talks Health in 2019.  
Designed as a talk show to showcase alternative healing modalities and scientifically proven techniques to health and happiness. My intention was and still is to do my part in shifting humanity towards a more compassionate way of living. 

I interview experts in a variety of health fields such as: nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental and environmental toxicity, parenting, gut health, brain enhancement, addiction, finances and so much more.
My goal is and will always be to get to the root causes of disease and together, we can learn how to heal ourselves and make this planet a more loving place for all beings. 

I would love to hear from you! Please reach out and
share your health challenges or healing modalities with me!
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