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Dr. Sara Siso and Dr. Nikki Siso
are both PhD's in Holistic Health and Nutrition. Dr. Sara is also a Master Raw Vegan Chef and has published 3 books on Amazon. Dr. Nikki has a Master's in Sustainability from Harvard, where she learned how environmental toxins enter the body. She also specializes in mindset, with a life-transforming system for mastering your thoughts. (See Trigger Ridder)
Together, this Mother Daughter duo have designed an immersive 3 week program that will include the following:
                  You will be guided through a health rejuvenating detox protocol, while learning                     how toxins get into the body. 
                   You will then learn how to use food as medicine and nourish the body for                            sustained health and energy.
                   Finally, you will be taught how to shop for and prepare the most delicious                            mouth-watering meals on the go.
We speak every morning for 3 weeks to support you through the detox and answer all of your questions. 
Dr. Sara guides clients virtually for $4,000 or she can come to your home for $10,000. 
Dr. Nikki offers a bonus complimentary session on developing a mindset for healing.
If you have questions, book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Sara...
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Reverse Disease Naturally

Reverse Disease Naturally

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Refund Policy: Before you sign up, please make sure that you are 100% ready and committed to follow the program all the way. Once you sign up, there are no refund. As successful coaches, it is our job to hold you accountable and encourage you to prioritize your healing. If you need to postpone the start date, you will be permitted to do so. 

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